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        Several importance of kiln design

        2019-12-17 13:06:55

        When designing the kiln, it is more complicated to design the heating process. The layout of the burner, the type of burner used, the type of exhaust system, and many aspects are factors to be considered.

        1. The components of the kiln body contribute to the structure of the kiln body, but what really matters is the heat transfer the thermal energy to the product. If the heat transfer process is reasonable, then all other problems are solved.


        2. The discussion concerning heat transfer is only for the whole kiln body. The kiln comes an attempt to provide ideal heat transfer to the product. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand those heat transfer methods.

        The firing method of the kiln is sometimes determined by the process used. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the design. Some materials are suitable for every method when they are fired, especially when designing.


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