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        Operation method of producing mute brick in tunnel kiln

        2019-12-17 13:06:55

        Kiln Company introduces the operation method of mute brick produced by tunnel kiln:

        First, change the stacking form of the stack, add heads in the middle and lower part, reduce the holes, and reduce the height of the kang legs. This measure is especially applicable to the situation the kiln method is changed with the seasons. It is particularly applicable to manufacturers who still use high kang legs in summer in winter.

        Second, reduce the use height of the near gate, and make the temperature of the bottom of the insulation belt cool down more slowly.


        Third, properly extend the insulation tape to extend the distance and time of the air supply.

        Fourth, if the amount of cold air entering is too large, and the temperature of the insulation tape is cooled too quickly, the amount of cold air entering can be reduced, and the cooling rate of the insulation tape can be reduced.

        Fifth, a small amount of diligence, reburning. add fire ash in front of the first row of insulation tape through the fire eye to "block the wind".


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