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      1. Welcome to Huanggang Zhonglian Kiln Equipment Co., Ltd!

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        38m Rare Earth Gas Burning Roller Kiln

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        38m Rare Earth Gas Burning Roller Kiln

        2019-12-17 13:06:55
        38m Rare Earth Gas Burning Roller Kiln
        Detailed :

        Kiln  stove is a stove used for firing ceramics and sculptures  for fusing enamel to the surface of metal utensils. It is generally made of brick and stone, and can be made into various sizes according to needs. It can be operated with combustible gas, oil  electricity. Electric kilns are easier to control temperature than kilns that use combustible gas and oil, but some potters and sculptors believe that the temperature of electric kilns rises too quickly. The temperature in the furnace chamber is measured with a pyrometer (PYROMETER)  a temperature measuring cone (PYROMETRIC CONES), which can be seen through the peephole.

        Kiln technical parameters:

        parameter name




        Kiln chief



        Kiln width



        Kiln height



        Firing cycle




        Firing method

        Open flame crucible

        Firing temperature



        set tempreture


        Firing atmosphere

        Oxidized flame

        Fuel type


        Temperature difference


        Kiln surface temperature


        Unit energy consumption



        control method

        PLC combined with PID intelligent instrument automatic control plus TV monitoring


        Kiln structure

        The kiln is usually composed of four parts: kiln chamber, combustion equipment, ventilation equipment and conveying equipment. Electric kilns mostly use electric furnace wire, silicon carbon rods  molybdenum disilicide as heating elements. The structure is relatively simple and the operation is convenient.

        In addition, there are various atmosphere kilns, electric porcelain kilns, etc. Whether the kiln structure is reasonable and the type selection is correct is directly related to product quality, output and energy consumption. The ceramic kiln is the key equipment in ceramic production.

        Types of kilns produced by the kiln company:

        According to the variety of calcined materials, it can be divided into ceramic kilns, cement kilns, glass kilns, enamel kilns, etc. The former can be divided into continuous kiln (tunnel kiln), semi-continuous kiln and batch kiln according to the operation method.

        1. According to the pyrogen, it can be divided into flame kiln and electric kiln, such as heat treatment furnace, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, shuttle kiln, etc.

        2. According to the condition of the heat source facing the blank, it can be divided into open flame kiln, muffle flame kiln and semi-muffle flame kiln.

        3. According to the blank delivery vehicle, it can be divided into kiln car kiln, push plate kiln, roller bottom kiln (roller kiln), conveyor belt kiln, walking beam kiln and air cushion kiln.

        4. According to the number of channels, it can be divided into single-channel kiln, double-channel kiln and multi-channel kiln.

        5. Generally, the fuel for large kilns is heavy oil, light diesel oil  gas and natural gas.

        6. According to usage, it can be divided into: rare earth kiln, ceramic kiln, metallurgical kiln, metal magnesium kiln, refractory kiln, etc .;

        Firewood kiln: The use of firewood as fuel is the inheritance of the ancient kiln industry. Various types of kilns such as dragon kiln, steamed bread kiln and gourd kiln belong to the category of firewood kiln. Because it requires wood to burn, it is  conducive to the protection of environmental resources. It is rarely seen except for some traditional ceramics.

        Coal kiln: An industrial kiln that uses coal as fuel. It was used in large quantities. Later, due to high energy consumption and high pollution, it was abandoned  improved to use gas  heavy oil  light diesel as fuel.

        Electric kiln: Electricity is used as the energy source, most of which use electric furnace wires, silicon carbon rods  molybdenum disilicide as heating components, and rely on the principle of electrical energy radiation and heat conduction for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere. Electronic program control, simple operation, good safety performance, suitable for various workplaces, electric kiln is a necessary firing kiln in many ceramic art studios.

        Gas kiln: It uses liquefied gas, coal gas  natural gas as fuel, has strong firepower and little pollution, and is suitable for firing in different firing atmospheres.

        Hubei Zhonglian Kiln Company is a professional kiln company that designs, manufactures, installs and commissions rare earth kilns, magnesium metal kilns, ceramic kilns, and refractory kilns. There are roller kilns, shuttle kilns, mesh belt furnaces, tunnel furnaces, etc., national kiln contracting qualifications, the company has won a good reputation in the industry with rigorous and advanced design, strict and standardized management, and sincere and dedicated service ,Welcome to consult.


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        Huanggang Zhonglian Kiln Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Address: No. 63 Huangzhou Avenue, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei Province

        Phone: +86 0713-8690115         Fax: +86 0713-8690117

        Mobile: +86 13907257191

        Email: zhongliankiln@126.com

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